Products & games by Utility Function. This page may take a moment to load, it contains lots of moving images.

Core Miner
A unique game by Utility Function for Android & iOS featuring procedurally generated asteroids, non combat game play, mining, and upgrades. View on play store here

VR Buttons and Levers
VR kit that has Buttons and levers that come in to two flavours, both using UI style event listeners in a cool example seen showcasing how to create your own game mechanics.

Sim Space
An arena shooter where you choose your enemy and upgrades, then battle it out. Target platform: Android, iOS. This is unreleased at this time.

Air Hockey Advanced Kit
A strongly themed Unity3D game kit for creating Air-hockey & Pong style games. Showcases techniques for bringing a game to life. It features two “air hockey” game scenes which, are uniquely themed and have their own feel. [Web Player Demo]

Space Shooter Kit
Another Unity3D game kit that has scripts for creating destructible objects and projectiles of all sorts. Focuses on strong player feedback & speedy development. Comes with dozens of qualitatively different weapon examples. Coming out end of July 2015.

Games / Tools brewing in the background.


Carrier Commander
A reversal of the old fashioned scrolling space shooter. You are the carrier commander trying to take out an ace fighter.

Your actions have extra consequences. A spin on classic arena shooters.

A strategic card game like Bridge.

Classic Scrolling Shooter

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